Premise Alert Program

On August 28, 2009, the Illinois Premise Alert Program (Public Act 96-0788) was enacted, allowing individuals with special needs or disabilities and the guardians of individuals with special needs or disabilities to provide personal information to Public Safety Agencies in the State of Illinois for emergency dissemination to police, fire, and EMS personnel.

The Troy Police Department has embraced this new safety program, as it is designed to enhance police and fire services to those Troy residents who have disabilities or special needs by providing first responders with vital information about individuals at specific addresses. This could be a lifesaver for people who may suffer from Alzheimer's disease, blindness, paralysis, or autism.

The information provided to first responders for the Illinois Premise Alert Program is stored in a police department maintained, secure database. The information in the database can be provided to first responders via our 911 telephone operators prior to arrival at the scene.

The program allows families and medical personnel to voluntarily provide information about their special circumstances, free of charge. Residents wishing to participate in this program should contact the Troy Police Department at (618) 667-6731 for details or fill out the notification form at the bottom of this page. Once the form is printed out and completed, interested parties may either fax the form to (618) 667-6493 or mail the form directly to the department (attn: PAP Program). Prior to signing the completed form, please make sure you have read the bullet points on the notification form and full understand the expectations.

Adobe Reader.jpgPAP Notification Form (PDF)