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Animal Control

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1. Does the City have a leash law?
2. Do I have to license or register my animals with the City?
3. What should I do if my animal gets lost or I see a stray in my neighborhood?


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1. Where do I find information regarding the Jarvis Township Senior Citizens Center?

Parks & Recreation

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1. General information for the Tri-Township Park.

Public Works

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1. How do I drain my swimming pool?
2. How do I dispose of my leaves and yard waste?
3. How do I report a street light outage?
4. How do I report a traffic signal outage or malfunction?
5. How do I report a pothole for repair?
6. Where does our water come from?
7. Who is responsible for sewer repairs?
8. Who do I call if the storm sewer is blocked?
9. Who do I contact to report an area that needs maintenance?
10. Additional FAQ's for this category.

Water-Sewer Department

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1. Why is my bill higher than normal?
2. How do I set-up water and sewer service?
3. Is there a water deposit required for new water service?
4. When is my water and sewer bill due?
5. Can I pay my water & sewer bill with a credit card?
6. Can I pay my water and sewer bill on-line?
7. Can I make a water and sewer bill payment over the phone?
8. How can I request a re-read or leak check?
9. If I have a water leak, who is responsible for making the necessary repairs?
10. Additional FAQ's for this category.
11. Who do I call to set-up trash collection service?