Rental Program

Rental Property Inspection Program

All property owners are required to register their rental property. Every time a tenant moves out, the rental unit must be inspected before a new tenant can move in. Inspection fees are $25 and include the initial inspection and one follow up inspection.

As soon as a unit becomes vacant, owners should prepare for a new tenant by cleaning and performing general maintenance. When the unit is ready, owners should come to the Building and Zoning Department to complete the owner's portion of the occupancy permit, pay the fee, and schedule the inspection. The unit can be inspected as soon as it is ready even before a new tenant is found. This will shorten vacancy time by allowing prospective tenants to view the unit in move-in ready condition.

Once the unit passes inspection it is ready for occupancy. Prior to moving in, new tenants are required to come to the Building and Zoning Department to complete their portion of the occupancy permit listing all occupants and providing picture IDs for all residents 18 and over. Tenants will also be required to go to the Water Department to set up their water / sewer account and pay a deposit.